Event Details

Night of Destruction Entry Form

Event #1 Endurance Race

Any car or truck can enter this event. Air bags must be disabled or removed. Driver must use a helmet and a neck brace. Vehicle must have a working seat belt and fire extinguisher.
Depending on the number of vehicles, The plan is to have each person run the course one by one and record their time.  The person with the fastest time wins the event.

Event #2 Trailer race—figure eight track

A traditional style trailer race where any car or truck can pull any kind of trailer. Last vehicle still attached to their trailer wins the race.  All air bags must be disabled or removed. Helmet, Neck brace and a seat belt is a must.

Figure 8 Trailer Race Rules (updated June 2022)

Event #3 Combine demo derby

Last moving combine wins.

Combine Demo Derby Rules


Total 3 classes—minimum of 10 or more participants to pay out the $1000
1st: $1000
2nd: $500
3rd: $250
4th: $125
5th: $75
6th: $50
**Payouts are based the percentage of participants if under 10**








Registration Fee:  

  • Pre-registration Fee= $25
  • Same Day Registration=$50

All participants and those in pits must sign waiver

Contact Nick Gerdes at 952-451-1837 for more information


ADULTS:  $15

CHILDREN AGES 6-12   $10